Data Visualization for the Savvy Restaurateur.

The objective for Avero was to capture the key metrics that every restaurant owner could track. This tool gave its users a chance to geek out on various theories, insights, and staffing solutions. A restaurant owner could find out what their best dish is for any given night. They could see how things like weather and events affected people's buying patterns. They could even track staff and assess risk based on payroll, tips, and time.



To productize the platform from the ground up. This included mapping out the framework, configuring the infrastructure, and listening out to users' needs.

My time at Avero was short but very impactful. Learning the systems they had in place from technical to process level was very daunting. As a UX lead, this time can be spent deep diving with key stakeholders. Meeting with product teams, listing in on CSR conversations, and understanding devs' role in it all. This paved the way to the companies success and ultimately cleared a direction forward.


Our process transitioned from Waterfall to Agile and Lean.

To offset the large amount of work that needed to be done we looked at running lean as a solution for our scope. Looking at and prioritizing the basic features needed to create an MVP model. Once we had the basic foundation that needed to be laid we moved to create the mockups for those features. After a few products and VP reviews, we did a handoff to devs and QA sessions to make sure we were delivering an amazing customer-centric product.